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What is Homorobics?

Ho – mo- ro- bics

noun plural

a system of physical conditioning involving exercises (as vogueing, rump shaking, strutting, jazz hands, and dropping it like it’s hot) strenuously performed so as to cause marked temporary increase in homosexual tendencies and overall fabulousness.

The Class Experience

This is the really simple explanation: Each class will begin with a comprehensive but easy warm up, followed by some stretching and conditioning.  We will then get on with the dancing.  We will learn some easy dance combinations to a mix of diva anthems.  Everything we do will be flamboyant and fun. The class is as much a social experience as a workout.  Come out and strut your stuff, share a laugh, and meet some cuties.


You are strongly encouraged to dress as flamboyantly as you like.  Show off your finest assets.  Think of every class as a Gay Pride costume party.

Eventually we will also have theme nights where students can dress according to the theme and all of the dancing and music will relate to the theme.  Some potential theme nights include Uniform night, Superhero night, and Broadway night.  If you have a great idea for a theme, drop me a line.

Can I Attend if I’m not Gay?

Of course!  Anyone is welcome who wants to join us.  The only requirement is a sense of humor.